Friday, March 7, 2008

3 out of 4 Isn't Bad

When the home and home started, I said to myself if they can get 2 points at home and 1 on the road I will sign up for it now. Well it was the opposite, but the results were the same. Game 1 the Rangers should have won but the King was awful yet again (I mean come on a wrist shot from the point on a 2 on 2 should not go in). Callahan and Gomez hook up for a huge shorthanded goal to get the point. Last night was a dominate effort in periods 1 and 3 with a lull in period 2. Henrik kept them in the game in the second period, so much props to him as he made some huge saves to keep them with a 1 goal lead.

Quick Notes

Jagr MUST be in the shootout!!!!! I mean come on, I have no problem with Shanny, Dawes (he has looked great in shootout), Gomez, Drury types but Micheal Rozival? Hey Renney you are the coach, tell Jagr (even if he says I stink at shoot-outs) you are our best player go out in round 5 and win us a game. I love Jagr but this Shoot-out thing is just comical and frustrating.

Avery must be signed. I can not say it enough. Time to pony up to the table and get this guy paid. I will not enjoy a game as much if he is not there, he has a lot more skill then people give him credit for and he is a proven big game player now. A blog I was forwarded from Bobby (my uncle) was pretty interesting, it states Sather may be leery to sign him long term and then Jagr and Shanny leave. Jagr and Shanny have been able to keep Avery in check as he knows this is there team. I think it is a valid point, but you must sign him, then tell Drury/Gomez this is your team time to step up and one thing you must do is keep Avery in check. They want an average of 7-8 million a year they must do more then just the on ice stuff.

4 points out of first place in the East with a game in hand on the Penguins is a little deceiving as there are 5 teams to jump over but unreal how tight the east is. Rangers better not need 3 of 4 again when they play the isles the last 2 games. I want a cushion.

Thanks to Ted Nolan for playing Dubliewicz, come on Ted, you sign a goalie for that long and you know how up he gets for the Rangers you have to play him. Dipietro is a monster vs. the Rangers and while Dubliewicz had some moments in game one he let in some weak goals and did give up 3 goals. It was not like he had 40 shots against and only let in one or none. Stupid coaching move.


Tie- Nigel Dawes and Brendan Shannahan. I can not believe I am writing this, but I want Shanny back next year. If Callahan/Gomez continues to kill penalties like this, you can put Betts with Drury and take a lot of ice away from Shanny. He can not re-sign and play as much as he does now. Play him on the 2nd line and PP and watch him shine. His presence in that locker room can not be understated. Nigel Dawes is a great young player and will be a 2nd line winger next year all year.

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