Monday, March 3, 2008

Another Weekend Victory

I did a little research and the Rangers record since January on the weekend (Saturday/Sunday) is 8-1-3 for a total of 19 out of 24 points. The Rangers played a wide open game in the first period and were able to stay in the game. As much as it was frustrating to watch the Flyers score all those goals at least the offense is at a level where they can win a high scoring game. Shannahan set the tone with a sick top shelf wrist shot in shootout and then Dawes with a sweet backhand in the five hole to clinch the win.

Quick Notes:

Henrik oh Henrik you let up another soft goal to make it 3-3 and take the heart out of the team. I mean Carter had no angle to try and go fore-hand as Malik was coming up the middle to cut that off and you get surprised by a weak floating backhand. I think Renney was correct in pulling The King and with Valiquette’s records against the Flyers he should have started. 20-20 hindsight obviously but Vali was steady and the Rangers d-shored itself up in the last 2 periods.

Backman and Sjostrom score and thank god Backman did, he was one bad play away from being booed every time he touched the puck. Sjostrom’s goal was a thing of beauty and he really has been impressive for the Rangers already. He showed speed to get to the front of the net and then determination by getting 3 shots off without being touched.

No respect for Channel 4’s coverage. Jagr was not playing well last 2 times Rangers were on national tv and the entire broadcast they are trying to show he does not care and is not the same old Jagr. Yesterday when he is back to top form there is not a mention at all by Milbury or highlight reel showing how well he is playing now. Just shows they were all about shock value and wanted to get the press going with does Jagr not care quotes.

Player of the Game:

Martin Straka- Big goal to get the scoring started and then a great rush and feed to Callahan for an easy band in goal. Love the way a different line every night is the big goal scorer for the game.

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