Friday, March 28, 2008

In Gomez We Trust

What a difference a game and having one player makes. Anyone that thinks Gomez is overpaid just needs to watch the replay of the Flyers game Tuesday and last nights Devils game. This guy is a tempo/game changer. Once he got going, so went the Rangers.

After the first period (which the Devils fore-checked the hell out of the Rangers), Gomez got his legs under him and started to really force the play in the Devils zone. He made 2 great passes to set up the two goals and then Mr. Clutch came through with a game winning assist to Dawes scoring on his back. I will admit though, all I thought when Drury passed was what the hell are you doing, take the shoot. That is why I am on the couch with my Baked Lays and Diet Dr. Pepper and he is known as the best clutch player in the game. Chat of the year- Ranger fans chanting after 3rd goal- “YOU CAN’T BEAT US!!!”


Jagr is done; he will not be back next year. This is no longer his team and you can tell. He just does not have the same jump/desire to carry this team on his back. He needs to be the man to enjoy the game. I am just speculating here, but I think we all can tell the Rangers are transitioning into Gomez and Drury’s team and they will only go as far as these 2 carry them. Jagr most score to have value and he is not. I love him and thank him for the last 3 years and putting the Rangers back on the map, but he will be in the Czech Republic league next year. Hope he finds some fire for the playoffs, but he just does not have that finishing touch anymore.

Drury is showing why every team he plays for loves him. 3 assists last night and every night he seems to be in the right place at the right time. During Hall of Fame weekend Messier was quoted as saying you do not pay Drury and Gomez all that money for the first month of the season, you pay it to watch them at the end of the year and playoffs. Man was he 100% correct on that one.

Gomez post game- Even if you do not watch all of it, you must watch Gomez in the post game interview (when he has a good game he seems to always go in to talk to MSG). He is a natural and will be a TV man after he is done. He said his new nickname is blood and guts, and they call Dawes Black Magic (Al Sharpton on line 1). The best moment was at the very end. John Gianone was about to say thanks for the interview and Gomez says, man John they could not do anything about that on your lip (he had a zit/blemish). Gianone turns red and Gomez says man they could not even get any makeup to stick to that (and makes a great face). Do not know if you had to see it to laugh, but I was dying.

Christian Backman- I do not love this guy and I was ready to throw my remote at the TV on the Paraise give away, but the guy has a ton of talent. If he would limit his mistakes he can be a solid 3rd line d-man with offensive upside. We will see what becomes of him in due time and come playoff time, he will either be a hero or a HUGE Goat.

Player of the Game 1A- Gomez and 1B- Henrik. Tell Martin Broduer to go f-himself. Sports Illustrated article Marty was offended Hank did not say hi to him at Vezina award presentation- Henrik’s response, I had to seek him out, couldn’t he have said hi to me? Then Marty says I just do not like Lundqvist’s style, it is weird. Well if being a finalist every season for the Vezina and winning 30 plus games every season as a goalie is weird then sign me up. I F’ING HATE THE DEVILS!!!!!

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