Monday, March 10, 2008

The King Reigns Supreme

I have lost a lot of confidence in the king over the last couple months. He has been back in the net and been giving up a ton of deflection goals and just plan bad goals at the wrong time. Well, last night was the old King and the one the Rangers will need if they have any chance at making a run at the cup. For about 5 minutes in the third period the score was 0-0 and Henrik stood on his head (almost literally) to steal 2 points for the Rangers. Much love for the King and I am hoping he plays again tonight to see if he going to go on a run The diving glove save and then kick up of his pads scenario will be played on for a long time.

Quick Notes:

Renney is saying that Backhman is finally getting settled down and playing his game. Well if his game is letting guys blow by him and taking at least 1 penalty a game then man did JD rip the Rangers off. He is actually making Staal look bad as he has to cover for him all game. Last night Backhman did have some moments, but he better be better then this real soon.

The Legend of Nigel Dawes continues to grow. Does anyone see a little Shannahan in him? He has a great shot and some great offensive moves to get him self open. I think his release is a couple notches below Shanny, but he has better play making skills then Shanny.

Love what Shojrstrom is doing for the fourth line. He skates like the wind and is solid in his own end. I know she is not a hockey announcer or understand the game, but middle of the game yesterday Jeannie says “Man that number 20 is all over the place, and is always flying around out there, he is scrappy.” A little tear came to the eye as Jeannie is finally admitting she is now a Ranger fan.

Avery Water Bottle Gate- Sean Avery took 2 water bottles and in anger threw them around the penalty box after his phantom penalty in the second period. You know the one with the pile up in front, he get cross checked in the ribs, then pushes the guy in the chest and he is called for 2 minutes (great job refs). One of them ended up striking a wall in the stands and getting a family of 3 wet. The father walked down and showed Sean the bottle in disgust. At the end of the period Avery sought the family out and gave them signed equipment (sticks). The father was satisfied and moved on. Just another story to add to the Sean Avery resume, those are the things you will deal with, with a player like him.

Side note on Avery, well placed sources stated the Sharks offered Steve Brenier for Avery straight up and the Rangers said no. Brenier was the player they then used to get Brian Campbell and were offering for Marion Hossa. Think this tells you how Sather feels about Avery and tells me he will be a Ranger next year.

Drury- what more can you say. Malik get run and Drury drops the gloves for him. I like to introduce you to the future captain of the NY Rangers.

PLAYER OF THE GAME- Has to be the King. He stole 2 points for the Rangers and keep them in the hunt for top spot in the East. Put them 7 points up on 9th place.
Rangers play 500 hockey (13 points) the 9th place and 10th place teams will have to go around 10-3, or 11-2 to top them or tie them.

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