Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Knocking on Top of Eastern Conference Door

You know the king is on when he is dominating in the shootout. He lets in one goal on a wrist shot in the upper corner, but he stopped the first 2 to give the Rangers a chance to win it. Scott Gomez did just that with a nice forehand tuck in the bottom left corner of the net.
Rangers get to 83 points and are tied with Ottwa for 5th place in the East. They are now 3 points out of first place overall in the East (and the Division). I am torn on the 5 or 6 seed. Carolina and there style scares me, but the 4th seed is currently Pitt so no easy matchups in the first round. I love that we are able to talk seed in playoffs now and not will they make it. What a run going 10-0-3 in the last 13 games, This team is really starting to jell and may be ready to make a run.


Another game for Drury and another stretch where you see why he is the player he is. Rangers go on a 2 minute 5-3 penalty kill and he is just dominate on the PK. He blocks a shot, he dives to clear the puck 2 times and just would not let the point men establish themselves.

2nd goal is another example of why Avery is better then all the press he gets as just a nasty agitator. He absolutely destroys the d-man while fore-checking, gets the puck behind the net and puts the puck right on Jagr’s stick for a top shelf goal. I think Avery celebrated more then Jagr on the goal and he deserved to.

Refs- What happened last night? Was if breath on a Sabre get a penalty night? The Rangers were called for everything last night. Then a Sabre punches Orr after a clean hit near the bench and Orr and Peters each get 10 minutes? HOW IS THAT NOT a 2 minute PP for the Rangers? I mean that is a dangerous precedent to set in the last minute of a tie game. Peters was not going to be sent out there for the OT or shootout so any time a pile up starts in a tie game late he can just punch the guy from the bench? Should Orr have let up with 2 seconds left, yes, but the hit was not late and was prior to the buzzer.

PLAYER OF THE GAME- Overall a solid game by the team (except for the Penalties). I think all the Penalty Kills in the 2nd period were the key to the win. I will give Player of the game to Chris Drury for leading the charge (see his analysis above).

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