Sunday, December 30, 2007

Canes and Leafs equal 2 good wins

The Blueshirt Review took a 2 game break as I could not bring my computer in the bathroom. Holy S was this the worse virus in the world. Has even ruined my trip to Shawnee, PA. As Mr. and Ms. Blueshit were walking out the door today, Ms Blueshirt got sick and we are in for the weekend now. Time to watch Hockey/football and do not forget Channel 4 Pens vs Sabres out door game 1PM New Years Day.

Well back to hockey enough puke talk.....The Rangers have played real well last 2 games and seem to have again turned a corner. The Canes they came out flat but woke up in 3rd and I think Canes injuries and lack of forwards dressed wore them out. Rangers just flat our embarrassed the Leafs. Loved the look on Paul Maurice's face when his team walked off ice. Love the passion/anger he showed.

Quick Notes:

Chris Drury- what else can be said about the grit, faceoffs, PK and PP role he is playing. He got back to playing simple (win draw, get to front, distract in front) and goals are going in. The guy is starting to fit in and it shows why we paid so much for him.

3rd and 4th line- While we always focus on 1st 2 lines, these lines have to get some production. Leafs game they got points from these lines (some on PP but still contributed) and it shows how production from these lines will only free up top lines even more.

ORR HIT ON CULLEN- I was waiting for a freddy hamptons post and refs got him going. Absolutely a clean hit. Refs should have apologized to Rangers after the game for that call. Just because a guy got hurt does not mean it is a penalty.
Possible calls:
Interference (which was called)- NO WAY/NO WAY Culled had the puck, case closed, them calling that just shows they were just trying to make a call there due to injury.

High stick- nope stick was down.

Charging/Boarding: open ice hit, no boards, and Orr did not leave feet or take 8 strides, he was gliding.

Elbowing- Elbows were down and hit just extended with arms as they collided. OVERALL just a terrible call.

Players of the Games:

Canes- Jagr scores 2 have to give it to him. He has struggled but he came through, oh and remember a couple posts back about Renney having no clue with Jagr/Gomez, I take it back and will eat crow now.

Leafs- PP units. Dubi 3 assits, Prucha 2 goals (not a misprint), Shanny lethal on 5-3. They just out worked and outplayed the leafs all night.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Win that got away

The Rangers are on a real tough group of games. It will not get any easier this Sunday. They face the Senators, who I am sure will want pay back after the last game the Rangers owned them all night.

Rangers had to win this game in either regulation, OT or a Shootout. Had the game at 3-2 and Avs had no Sakic and no Ryan Smith. They played well, but it just left a bitter taste in the mouth when that puck was just sitting there for the Avs to jump on and bury in OT. A point is a point and much love for the King as he was in unreal form last night. He does not play at that level Rangers lose big time.


Gomez/Jagr/Straka looks like an unreal line combination. They are starting to play off each others strength and most times they get on the ice they control the game. I am really starting to love the way Gomez plays the game. The speed and grace is great to watch.

Side note on Gomez. For the 3rd or 4Th time I have heard a Ranger fan tell me, man Gomez is good but 7 million a year???? That was the market and he is well worth it. The last 2 times the person even said I can see Drury, he at least plays D. I don't know what people are watching but Gomez plays just as good at D as Drury on even up situations. He is always getting back and he came from the Devils, he knows how to play D. He is slowly becoming my favorite Ranger to watch. PP he has an unreal knack of finding the open man.

PP# 1A or 1b- Renney always says I do not have a #1 PP or # 2PP they are equal. Well I think it is time to get Prucha and Dubinsky of whatever unit they are on. They are awful right now. Jagr has no one to work with out there. The drury/gomez/shanny unit is only unit doing anything on PP. Avery back get him out there and put one of the other 3 forwards out for 2 minutes. Time to get both units working.

Ranger Star of the game (got a point will not do a goat). The king was back. As mentioned before with him they lose 5 or 6-3. He was stellar all night and controlled the game. All hail the King and his crease.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Wow what just happened!

I really would love to have been in the Rangers Advanced scouting meeting with the players:

Harding- like most goalies get in front, traffic will lead to goals, get pucks to net, little shaky.
Demitra- veteran play maker must be aware when he is on the ice and has the puck
Burns- Young kid hits hard, a lot of speed
Rolston- great 2 way player looks to shoot when he has the puck

Overall a solid/fast team that plays good D and can skate like the wind.
Shanny “Hey coach what does it say on that Garbonik kid, I think he won fastest skater at skills comp……

Renny “Shanny come on he is hurt, that guy is always hurt.”

No coach he is playin….Shanny shut up he is not in, coach he, shut up and let me finish this meeting.

5 goals later I think Shanny was correct. Holy Shit how do you forget about the best player on the team and let him absolutely destroy you. Just shows, as much as they want more west coast games next year, I am not a fan if, this is what the west has to offer. I will gladly take some more rivalry games with passion. Minnesota looked unreal, when they got a turnover it was in the back of the net 1-2-3.

This was hopefully just a blip on the radar and the best thing is Rangers can bounce back right away with game in Colorado tonight.

Quick Notes:

There is another meeting I would love to have been in the meeting for the “new” Minnesota Wild Jersey. You have a chance to make up a new jersey and you pick that one. What is it x-mas every day in Minnesota that is the worst emblem and color scheme I have ever scene.

The hit on Prucha; was it high and did his elbow connect with his head? Yes, but I can not say that was a malicious hit that deserved a match penalty. I think Micheletti and Rosen went to far saying how bad it was. Fast motion it did not look like Burns extended the elbow when he hit him. I think Prucha was so much smaller that he was at elbow height when he hit him. Could they have called a penalty, no doubt, but was not shocked they did not.

Garbonik—game that will be talked about for a long time. Every time the Rangers play the wild they will talk about it. He was all over the ice and controlled the game when he had the puck. Tip your cap, he was unreal and must give credit where credit is due.

Refs- awful. Guy just got laid out on a questionable hit and Renney gets fired up. Get a back bone and let it go, let him get his 2 cents in and move on. I mean one of his players looked like Leon Spinks after Mike Tyson (lingerrr longerr) fight. Then to give Drury a penalty for complaining about a cross check to the back. I mean come on were these guys call ups from the AHL.

Do you think Renney was looking over at Jaques Lemaire with puppy dog love eyes…Minnesota is the team he wants to be. A great defensive team with an unreal PP. That is what Rangers need if that will play this defensive game.

GOAT OF THE GAME: Ranger PK was a step behind all night, they have been a rock all year, but last night they laid an egg. Rangers can get through the grind and passion of Eastern Conference Games, but any team with speed in East or West will kill them. They just look a step slow against any team with team speed.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Chris Simon 30 games.....WHAT!!!

I know, I know this is a Ranger blog, of course I would think 30 games is not enough. Of course I think Chris Simon is an asshole and should go back to his native tribe with his moon shine and a mallet to beat baby seals.

Any fan of the NHL and this sport knows this guy should never play again. I do not care if you are an Islander fan, you have to know this guy is sick in the head and needs more help then being paid millions to play this great game we call Hockey. He has no respect for his opponent; he has no respect for the game; he has no respect for his teammates. All I hear is he is a great guy, he is a great teammate etc etc. There is no place for the things this guy has done over the years. How many strikes do you get before he permanently disables someone?

He catches Hollweg a couple inches lower last year he is hit in the throat and no idea what damage he does. He severs a tendon on Ruttuu how many surgeries would he have needed to get back on the ice. This is just 2 incidents and the NHL was lucky there were minor injuries. This guy should never play this game again and any team that gives him a 5th or 6th (I’ve lost count) chance deserve what they get, as far as the black eye there team will receive when Simon seriously injuries someone.

Here is a list of his suspensions over the last few years and below are the 2 incidents less then 1 year apart:

During the 2000 playoffs, Simon, then with Washington, sat out a game after he cross-checked Penguins defenseman Peter Popovic across the throat.

He was given a pair of two-game suspensions in 2004 -- for cross-checking Tampa Bay's Ruslan Fedotenko and then jumping on him and punching him, and for kneeing Dallas defenseman Sergei Zubov.

Simon also missed five preseason games in 1994 while with Quebec after he swung his stick at Ottawa's Dennis Vial, but missed. The indefinite suspension following that match penalty was interrupted by the NHL lockout, and Simon was allowed to return when play resumed in January 1995.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


In Tom Renney we trust, he must have had the pulse of the team as all the moves he made really worked for one game. I think this goes up there with the last Ottawa win as there most complete game of the season. The Power Play was solid, PK perfect as it has been most of the year, transition game played well and the Defense was stifling. I mean Sidney Crosby and Evegeni Malkin are on the Penguins, correct? How do you play a team with 2 of the best young players in the game and you do not even realize they are out there. That tells you right there you have played a solid game.

I must say as much as it was looking like Tom Renney lost the team, I do like him and his calm coaching style. The announcers always say what a great/hardworking staff Rick Pelino, Perry Pern are and I hope they can get this team turned around. It is time for a nice run. They do have a tough set of games coming up with road games in Minnesota, Colorado and Ottawa. 2 of 3 would be nice or any combo of 4 points out of 6.

Quick Notes:

Player of the game: The obvious choice is Gomez and Henrik, so will go with the Oppenheiemer team contributor award (yes I sold out and have a sponsor). Ryan Hollweg--Looks like benching woke him up. He had Pens trying to run him and he was hitting all night. He played with an edge to his game all night.

Gomez/Jagr looked good and man the forwards were crashing the net all night. That is how you score goals in the NHL. Great job by the forwards all night.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Quick Notes Pre-game Rangers Vs. Pen

Rangers do not wake up and start playing some defense it will be an absolute laugher tonight. If Phoenix can put up a 5 spot on Rangers what will Sidney Crosby and Evegeni Malkin do to them?

Al Montoya has been called up from Hartford, but this is supposedly a precaution if The King can not go. We know what we have with Valiquette, you call the kid up give him a shot. Just my two cents and I doubt they would throw Montoya in vs. a Penguin type team and shatter his confidence. Only start and he gets lit up, would be a bad way to send him down.

Tom Renney woke up….I think, practice last 2-3 days Dubinsky was sent to 3rd line. Of course after reviewing how the last few months went. Drury doing nothing when he played with Shanny, Gomez and Shanny actually clicking last few weeks, Mr. Renney has Gomez with Jagr and placed Drury with Shanny. WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON IN HIS BRAIN. Break up the one line that actually looks consistent night in and night out and put Gomez back with Jagr. You think Renney reads all the blogs and posts by newspapers and says I will show them I am smarter then them. Lets me do this, I really have no more to say, except I hope it works and I am eating crow in a couple weeks when all lines are clicking.

Anyone else realize even when Rangers were winning it was because there d-men were scoring. Beside a spurt by Shanny what have the Ranger forwards done this year? Strange very Strange.

Highlights from last Pens/Rangers Meeting enjoy it was a win November 8, 2007:

Monday, December 17, 2007

ROCK BOTTOM.........I Hope!

I get home from watching the Jets lose, in actually a competitive game, I am all excited and actually love the 5PM Sunday Ranger games. It is a perfect end to the weekend and game is not getting done at 10PM. I DVR the Rangers and start watching about a half hour into game. For the first time of the season at 3-0 I hit live on the DVR’d game to skip to whatever point the game is up too. It is in between periods when I hit live and they give an update of 5 to fucking 0!

I really am baffled right now with this team. I can understand first couple weeks, 2 brand new marquee players trying to find there niche on the team. They get out of the gate slow but seem to right the ship and start winning some games. Now they just flat out stink. They all look lost out on the ice, the D looks terrible, the forwards can not score and Valiquette was weak in net. I do not think all goals were his fault, but they went top shelf on almost every goal from mid range wrist shots. They were good plays but make a couple key saves. I must say I only saw bits and pieces of final 2 periods as they bored me to tears this game.


Memo to Tom Renney….when the score is 5-0 end of 2, that is the perfect time to tinker with some lines, maybe get something positive out of an awful game. I sat back and was actually excited to see a kid line (dawes/dubi/moore) and a new # 1 line (Straka/Drury/Jagr) to go with Gomez line and what do we get. The same 4 lines all rotated out until like 8 minutes left when he finally changes some lines.

Oh and when he does change the line he puts GOMEZ WITH JAGR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really am confused and think Renney is losing this team. Gomez Jagr didn't work before why try it again.

More coaching things that make you scratch your head….What the F has Prucha done to be moved up to the # 2 line?????? Dawes should have been put with Shanny and Gomez and keep Prucha where he is until he starts scoring. I guess he was trying to spark him but give me a break, Prucha just does not have that scoring nack this year.

I wish I posted prior to game. All I was thinking was man is this the game the real Valiquette shows up. Hindsight is 20-20 so I can not claim to have said….you know what F that this is my blog and I can say whatever the F I want!!!! I knew Valiquette was going to stink this game, there I said it.


I am not a fire the coach when things are not going right type guy, but you are given 2 huge pieces to fit into the puzzle and I still feel like Drury is not being used right. Gomez I think has found his spot and there # 2 line is has been the most consistent performer. But to watch this team over and over not play hard and not stick to the system, it falls on the coaching staff. Time for some accountability with some benchings (no Ryan Hollweg is not a benching). This team is much better then it is showing and Renney is not getting the job done. Not ready to fire him but time for Sather to put him on notice.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Goals= exciting……maybe not.

All I have read for the last 2 months is how the Rangers are not exciting, they play to much defense, there offense is awful, and THEY ARE THE MOST BORING TEAM IN THE NHL that only wins 2-1, 1-0 games.

Well last night was sure “exciting” if watching the Capitals skate by the Rangers all night and the Rangers not taking the body all night. Yes they got a point, yes they scored 4 goals, but, that was one of the worst efforts of the season last night. I think on every goal you could see a Ranger flailing at the puck carrier and the guy getting a great shot off. I mean Donald Braesher looked like Gretzky last night dishing the puck to Motzko.

Quick Notes:

The Dubinsky experiment must end. Every time I see him jump on the ice I get frustrated. What the hell must Jagr be feeling. It is time to put Drury on # 1 line as he is playing real well right now.

The King has come back to earth. There is no way he would keep that pace up from start of the year and I do not blame him for all the goals, but last few games when defense breaks down the goals are going in. I will still pick him in a must win game any day of the week, but just does not seem right, right now.

Jagr is done mentally. Reports are he was in a shouting match with Perry Pern after the game. He was reported to be complaining that if he is willing to come back to play team D, he needs the puck out of the zone so he can set some things up. Jagr is the type of player that needs to be happy to play well. He is high maintenance and can control games when he is happy. Right now he is not happy. I know it is a team game but Renney better figure out how to get him happy again or this team is in trouble.

Ovechkin is a monster from the point (and everywhere else on the ice). Wow can that guy play, shoot, hit etc, etc. He is unreal and will be worth every penny to whomever gets him. Makes you realize a respected point player opens up the entire ice for the PP (hey Sather GET US A SHOT FROM THE POINT PLEASE).

Rangers Star of the Game: Brendan Shannahan. Shanny really has taken command of this team and is playing inspired hockey. I just wish Rangers had him 4-5 years ago instead of the end of his career. This guy must have been a beast in Detroit in his prime.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sean Avery is missed

Interview that shows why Ranger fans love this guy. I actually have an un-natural love for him but that is for another web-site (not that there is anything wrong with that).

Nigel Dawes Watch

While Ranger fans get to watch Ryan Hollweg and Marcel Hossa run around and contribute absolutely nothing over the last 3-4 weeks, Nigel Dawes sits in Hartford scoring goals and points for our AHL team the Wolf pack.

I will be posting a Nigel Dawes update every couple weeks so we all know what we are missing or not missing.

I think Marcel Hossa would be fine if Renney would just place him on the 4th line and tell him to kill penalties, control the puck against the other teams top line, and if they get to a shoot out be one of the shoot-out shooters. Instead he is always placed on the top 2 lines and he has a total.......drum roll please........of 1 fucking goal. The guy played with Jagr for a month and did not score one goal. My nephew Christopher just started skating at 5 years old and could have fell into a goal playing with Jagr for a month.
Ryan Hollweg- I really feel the Rangers have no use for, except maybe some comic relief in the locker room. He does not hit like he used to, as teams are aware when he is on the ice now. Want to switch him and Orr every once in a while that is fine, but I think Orr brings accountability to other teams as they fear his right hand. Hollweg all there fear is that the Heart rate monitor will explode and shoot shrapnel all over the ice.
12 games played
9 Goals
15 Assits
24 points
Are you kidding me 2 points per game, I did not even know he was doing that good, until I just checked. He is only 4 points out of the team lead for points and he has only played 12 of 24


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Rangers Website and Forum Open

I have been reading a ton of blogs this year on Ranger trends, ranger previews and ranger post game talk. I will be taking the best and worst of same and also interjecting my own opinion on this site.

You can post opionins, vent about a game a trend etc etc in the comments section of each post.

Pass this on to other Ranger Fans and lets have some fun.

I will attempt to do some Previews of games and especially post game notes on the good, the bad and the ugly. I will be posting a million posts about how Dubinsky should be a # 3 center and Drury not being used correctly and all that good stuff.

So save the site and visit and contribute often. This will be a politically incorrect site so only send it to people you love and know can handle it.