Monday, December 17, 2007

ROCK BOTTOM.........I Hope!

I get home from watching the Jets lose, in actually a competitive game, I am all excited and actually love the 5PM Sunday Ranger games. It is a perfect end to the weekend and game is not getting done at 10PM. I DVR the Rangers and start watching about a half hour into game. For the first time of the season at 3-0 I hit live on the DVR’d game to skip to whatever point the game is up too. It is in between periods when I hit live and they give an update of 5 to fucking 0!

I really am baffled right now with this team. I can understand first couple weeks, 2 brand new marquee players trying to find there niche on the team. They get out of the gate slow but seem to right the ship and start winning some games. Now they just flat out stink. They all look lost out on the ice, the D looks terrible, the forwards can not score and Valiquette was weak in net. I do not think all goals were his fault, but they went top shelf on almost every goal from mid range wrist shots. They were good plays but make a couple key saves. I must say I only saw bits and pieces of final 2 periods as they bored me to tears this game.


Memo to Tom Renney….when the score is 5-0 end of 2, that is the perfect time to tinker with some lines, maybe get something positive out of an awful game. I sat back and was actually excited to see a kid line (dawes/dubi/moore) and a new # 1 line (Straka/Drury/Jagr) to go with Gomez line and what do we get. The same 4 lines all rotated out until like 8 minutes left when he finally changes some lines.

Oh and when he does change the line he puts GOMEZ WITH JAGR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really am confused and think Renney is losing this team. Gomez Jagr didn't work before why try it again.

More coaching things that make you scratch your head….What the F has Prucha done to be moved up to the # 2 line?????? Dawes should have been put with Shanny and Gomez and keep Prucha where he is until he starts scoring. I guess he was trying to spark him but give me a break, Prucha just does not have that scoring nack this year.

I wish I posted prior to game. All I was thinking was man is this the game the real Valiquette shows up. Hindsight is 20-20 so I can not claim to have said….you know what F that this is my blog and I can say whatever the F I want!!!! I knew Valiquette was going to stink this game, there I said it.


I am not a fire the coach when things are not going right type guy, but you are given 2 huge pieces to fit into the puzzle and I still feel like Drury is not being used right. Gomez I think has found his spot and there # 2 line is has been the most consistent performer. But to watch this team over and over not play hard and not stick to the system, it falls on the coaching staff. Time for some accountability with some benchings (no Ryan Hollweg is not a benching). This team is much better then it is showing and Renney is not getting the job done. Not ready to fire him but time for Sather to put him on notice.

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The Gallaghers said...

Comfortable. That, I think, is the key word. The key components of this team are all too comfortable. Sather has a job for life, no pressure (look at Isiah Thomas, for F's sake!!). Renney is not going anywhere. Jagr is either coasting, finished or both and still gets to dictate his linemates, for the most part. This team is much better than this, but the organization as a whole really doesn't care. I also am not a "fire the coach" guy, but I am getting there. Besides the maddening line combinations, this is a coach who does not believe in practicing the power play!!??? Even when they have the worst power play in the league! Not sure what they do about backup goalie. King needs more games off, but not with Valiquette playing like this!