Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Quick Notes Pre-game Rangers Vs. Pen

Rangers do not wake up and start playing some defense it will be an absolute laugher tonight. If Phoenix can put up a 5 spot on Rangers what will Sidney Crosby and Evegeni Malkin do to them?

Al Montoya has been called up from Hartford, but this is supposedly a precaution if The King can not go. We know what we have with Valiquette, you call the kid up give him a shot. Just my two cents and I doubt they would throw Montoya in vs. a Penguin type team and shatter his confidence. Only start and he gets lit up, would be a bad way to send him down.

Tom Renney woke up….I think, practice last 2-3 days Dubinsky was sent to 3rd line. Of course after reviewing how the last few months went. Drury doing nothing when he played with Shanny, Gomez and Shanny actually clicking last few weeks, Mr. Renney has Gomez with Jagr and placed Drury with Shanny. WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON IN HIS BRAIN. Break up the one line that actually looks consistent night in and night out and put Gomez back with Jagr. You think Renney reads all the blogs and posts by newspapers and says I will show them I am smarter then them. Lets me do this, I really have no more to say, except I hope it works and I am eating crow in a couple weeks when all lines are clicking.

Anyone else realize even when Rangers were winning it was because there d-men were scoring. Beside a spurt by Shanny what have the Ranger forwards done this year? Strange very Strange.

Highlights from last Pens/Rangers Meeting enjoy it was a win November 8, 2007:

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