Thursday, December 20, 2007

Chris Simon 30 games.....WHAT!!!

I know, I know this is a Ranger blog, of course I would think 30 games is not enough. Of course I think Chris Simon is an asshole and should go back to his native tribe with his moon shine and a mallet to beat baby seals.

Any fan of the NHL and this sport knows this guy should never play again. I do not care if you are an Islander fan, you have to know this guy is sick in the head and needs more help then being paid millions to play this great game we call Hockey. He has no respect for his opponent; he has no respect for the game; he has no respect for his teammates. All I hear is he is a great guy, he is a great teammate etc etc. There is no place for the things this guy has done over the years. How many strikes do you get before he permanently disables someone?

He catches Hollweg a couple inches lower last year he is hit in the throat and no idea what damage he does. He severs a tendon on Ruttuu how many surgeries would he have needed to get back on the ice. This is just 2 incidents and the NHL was lucky there were minor injuries. This guy should never play this game again and any team that gives him a 5th or 6th (I’ve lost count) chance deserve what they get, as far as the black eye there team will receive when Simon seriously injuries someone.

Here is a list of his suspensions over the last few years and below are the 2 incidents less then 1 year apart:

During the 2000 playoffs, Simon, then with Washington, sat out a game after he cross-checked Penguins defenseman Peter Popovic across the throat.

He was given a pair of two-game suspensions in 2004 -- for cross-checking Tampa Bay's Ruslan Fedotenko and then jumping on him and punching him, and for kneeing Dallas defenseman Sergei Zubov.

Simon also missed five preseason games in 1994 while with Quebec after he swung his stick at Ottawa's Dennis Vial, but missed. The indefinite suspension following that match penalty was interrupted by the NHL lockout, and Simon was allowed to return when play resumed in January 1995.


Freddy Black said...

Simon is a bum

The Gallaghers said...

Here's the issue with Simon's future: He is clearly a psychopath on the ice and cannot keep his senses. On his current track, he may kill somebody! So, they send him away and get him some "help". IF the counseling sessions, etc. help, he comes back a new man, ready to play hockey and keep his cool. Then, what value does he have? Simon is NOT talented. His only value to a team is his goonery. If you keep that under control, why waste the roster spot. He should be finished.