Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Win that got away

The Rangers are on a real tough group of games. It will not get any easier this Sunday. They face the Senators, who I am sure will want pay back after the last game the Rangers owned them all night.

Rangers had to win this game in either regulation, OT or a Shootout. Had the game at 3-2 and Avs had no Sakic and no Ryan Smith. They played well, but it just left a bitter taste in the mouth when that puck was just sitting there for the Avs to jump on and bury in OT. A point is a point and much love for the King as he was in unreal form last night. He does not play at that level Rangers lose big time.


Gomez/Jagr/Straka looks like an unreal line combination. They are starting to play off each others strength and most times they get on the ice they control the game. I am really starting to love the way Gomez plays the game. The speed and grace is great to watch.

Side note on Gomez. For the 3rd or 4Th time I have heard a Ranger fan tell me, man Gomez is good but 7 million a year???? That was the market and he is well worth it. The last 2 times the person even said I can see Drury, he at least plays D. I don't know what people are watching but Gomez plays just as good at D as Drury on even up situations. He is always getting back and he came from the Devils, he knows how to play D. He is slowly becoming my favorite Ranger to watch. PP he has an unreal knack of finding the open man.

PP# 1A or 1b- Renney always says I do not have a #1 PP or # 2PP they are equal. Well I think it is time to get Prucha and Dubinsky of whatever unit they are on. They are awful right now. Jagr has no one to work with out there. The drury/gomez/shanny unit is only unit doing anything on PP. Avery back get him out there and put one of the other 3 forwards out for 2 minutes. Time to get both units working.

Ranger Star of the game (got a point will not do a goat). The king was back. As mentioned before with him they lose 5 or 6-3. He was stellar all night and controlled the game. All hail the King and his crease.


freddyhamptons said...

I just saw Matt Cullen skipping down Broadway...damn did ORR knock his ass out or what...and it was a clean hit too...The new NHL sucks..the refs are even worse...the call on ORR was fuckin' bullshit.....they should start fining the refs like the that sad or what...I am talkin NBA...

freddyhamptons said...

Not sure if all you guys saw, but my gal pal Lindsay Lohan was at the game....yummy!!!