Sunday, December 30, 2007

Canes and Leafs equal 2 good wins

The Blueshirt Review took a 2 game break as I could not bring my computer in the bathroom. Holy S was this the worse virus in the world. Has even ruined my trip to Shawnee, PA. As Mr. and Ms. Blueshit were walking out the door today, Ms Blueshirt got sick and we are in for the weekend now. Time to watch Hockey/football and do not forget Channel 4 Pens vs Sabres out door game 1PM New Years Day.

Well back to hockey enough puke talk.....The Rangers have played real well last 2 games and seem to have again turned a corner. The Canes they came out flat but woke up in 3rd and I think Canes injuries and lack of forwards dressed wore them out. Rangers just flat our embarrassed the Leafs. Loved the look on Paul Maurice's face when his team walked off ice. Love the passion/anger he showed.

Quick Notes:

Chris Drury- what else can be said about the grit, faceoffs, PK and PP role he is playing. He got back to playing simple (win draw, get to front, distract in front) and goals are going in. The guy is starting to fit in and it shows why we paid so much for him.

3rd and 4th line- While we always focus on 1st 2 lines, these lines have to get some production. Leafs game they got points from these lines (some on PP but still contributed) and it shows how production from these lines will only free up top lines even more.

ORR HIT ON CULLEN- I was waiting for a freddy hamptons post and refs got him going. Absolutely a clean hit. Refs should have apologized to Rangers after the game for that call. Just because a guy got hurt does not mean it is a penalty.
Possible calls:
Interference (which was called)- NO WAY/NO WAY Culled had the puck, case closed, them calling that just shows they were just trying to make a call there due to injury.

High stick- nope stick was down.

Charging/Boarding: open ice hit, no boards, and Orr did not leave feet or take 8 strides, he was gliding.

Elbowing- Elbows were down and hit just extended with arms as they collided. OVERALL just a terrible call.

Players of the Games:

Canes- Jagr scores 2 have to give it to him. He has struggled but he came through, oh and remember a couple posts back about Renney having no clue with Jagr/Gomez, I take it back and will eat crow now.

Leafs- PP units. Dubi 3 assits, Prucha 2 goals (not a misprint), Shanny lethal on 5-3. They just out worked and outplayed the leafs all night.


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