Thursday, December 13, 2007

Goals= exciting……maybe not.

All I have read for the last 2 months is how the Rangers are not exciting, they play to much defense, there offense is awful, and THEY ARE THE MOST BORING TEAM IN THE NHL that only wins 2-1, 1-0 games.

Well last night was sure “exciting” if watching the Capitals skate by the Rangers all night and the Rangers not taking the body all night. Yes they got a point, yes they scored 4 goals, but, that was one of the worst efforts of the season last night. I think on every goal you could see a Ranger flailing at the puck carrier and the guy getting a great shot off. I mean Donald Braesher looked like Gretzky last night dishing the puck to Motzko.

Quick Notes:

The Dubinsky experiment must end. Every time I see him jump on the ice I get frustrated. What the hell must Jagr be feeling. It is time to put Drury on # 1 line as he is playing real well right now.

The King has come back to earth. There is no way he would keep that pace up from start of the year and I do not blame him for all the goals, but last few games when defense breaks down the goals are going in. I will still pick him in a must win game any day of the week, but just does not seem right, right now.

Jagr is done mentally. Reports are he was in a shouting match with Perry Pern after the game. He was reported to be complaining that if he is willing to come back to play team D, he needs the puck out of the zone so he can set some things up. Jagr is the type of player that needs to be happy to play well. He is high maintenance and can control games when he is happy. Right now he is not happy. I know it is a team game but Renney better figure out how to get him happy again or this team is in trouble.

Ovechkin is a monster from the point (and everywhere else on the ice). Wow can that guy play, shoot, hit etc, etc. He is unreal and will be worth every penny to whomever gets him. Makes you realize a respected point player opens up the entire ice for the PP (hey Sather GET US A SHOT FROM THE POINT PLEASE).

Rangers Star of the Game: Brendan Shannahan. Shanny really has taken command of this team and is playing inspired hockey. I just wish Rangers had him 4-5 years ago instead of the end of his career. This guy must have been a beast in Detroit in his prime.


The Gallaghers said...

King needs more rest. They need to get Valiquette into more games for the long haul.

Has Jagr worn out his welcome? I didn't think that would happen in NY, but here we are. Sulking, worried more about himself and not producing. Perhaps why he has been moved around so much (and believe it or not, I love the guy!). Not sure what they do with him, but this is not his team any more. Get over it.

We did learn that the Rangers are not equipped for a run-and-gun game at this point.

Steve said...

Agree team speed a problem. Think about game last night were the Rangers faster then any Capital.

It is time to get Drury on the # 1 line, I will say it until it happens.

Loved Drury/Gomez at end of game. Those 2 play well off each other, maybe put them with Shanny and put Avery with Straka and Jagr when he gets back.

Time to stack 2 lines and let them play. You do not need 3 even lines to win.