Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Nigel Dawes Watch

While Ranger fans get to watch Ryan Hollweg and Marcel Hossa run around and contribute absolutely nothing over the last 3-4 weeks, Nigel Dawes sits in Hartford scoring goals and points for our AHL team the Wolf pack.

I will be posting a Nigel Dawes update every couple weeks so we all know what we are missing or not missing.

I think Marcel Hossa would be fine if Renney would just place him on the 4th line and tell him to kill penalties, control the puck against the other teams top line, and if they get to a shoot out be one of the shoot-out shooters. Instead he is always placed on the top 2 lines and he has a total.......drum roll please........of 1 fucking goal. The guy played with Jagr for a month and did not score one goal. My nephew Christopher just started skating at 5 years old and could have fell into a goal playing with Jagr for a month.
Ryan Hollweg- I really feel the Rangers have no use for, except maybe some comic relief in the locker room. He does not hit like he used to, as teams are aware when he is on the ice now. Want to switch him and Orr every once in a while that is fine, but I think Orr brings accountability to other teams as they fear his right hand. Hollweg all there fear is that the Heart rate monitor will explode and shoot shrapnel all over the ice.
12 games played
9 Goals
15 Assits
24 points
Are you kidding me 2 points per game, I did not even know he was doing that good, until I just checked. He is only 4 points out of the team lead for points and he has only played 12 of 24


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The Gallaghers said...

Apparently, Dawes has been blacklisted for sleeping with Lundqvist's wife....LINGER LONNNNGGGGEERRR!!!