Friday, December 21, 2007

Wow what just happened!

I really would love to have been in the Rangers Advanced scouting meeting with the players:

Harding- like most goalies get in front, traffic will lead to goals, get pucks to net, little shaky.
Demitra- veteran play maker must be aware when he is on the ice and has the puck
Burns- Young kid hits hard, a lot of speed
Rolston- great 2 way player looks to shoot when he has the puck

Overall a solid/fast team that plays good D and can skate like the wind.
Shanny “Hey coach what does it say on that Garbonik kid, I think he won fastest skater at skills comp……

Renny “Shanny come on he is hurt, that guy is always hurt.”

No coach he is playin….Shanny shut up he is not in, coach he, shut up and let me finish this meeting.

5 goals later I think Shanny was correct. Holy Shit how do you forget about the best player on the team and let him absolutely destroy you. Just shows, as much as they want more west coast games next year, I am not a fan if, this is what the west has to offer. I will gladly take some more rivalry games with passion. Minnesota looked unreal, when they got a turnover it was in the back of the net 1-2-3.

This was hopefully just a blip on the radar and the best thing is Rangers can bounce back right away with game in Colorado tonight.

Quick Notes:

There is another meeting I would love to have been in the meeting for the “new” Minnesota Wild Jersey. You have a chance to make up a new jersey and you pick that one. What is it x-mas every day in Minnesota that is the worst emblem and color scheme I have ever scene.

The hit on Prucha; was it high and did his elbow connect with his head? Yes, but I can not say that was a malicious hit that deserved a match penalty. I think Micheletti and Rosen went to far saying how bad it was. Fast motion it did not look like Burns extended the elbow when he hit him. I think Prucha was so much smaller that he was at elbow height when he hit him. Could they have called a penalty, no doubt, but was not shocked they did not.

Garbonik—game that will be talked about for a long time. Every time the Rangers play the wild they will talk about it. He was all over the ice and controlled the game when he had the puck. Tip your cap, he was unreal and must give credit where credit is due.

Refs- awful. Guy just got laid out on a questionable hit and Renney gets fired up. Get a back bone and let it go, let him get his 2 cents in and move on. I mean one of his players looked like Leon Spinks after Mike Tyson (lingerrr longerr) fight. Then to give Drury a penalty for complaining about a cross check to the back. I mean come on were these guys call ups from the AHL.

Do you think Renney was looking over at Jaques Lemaire with puppy dog love eyes…Minnesota is the team he wants to be. A great defensive team with an unreal PP. That is what Rangers need if that will play this defensive game.

GOAT OF THE GAME: Ranger PK was a step behind all night, they have been a rock all year, but last night they laid an egg. Rangers can get through the grind and passion of Eastern Conference Games, but any team with speed in East or West will kill them. They just look a step slow against any team with team speed.

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The Gallaghers said...

Partially agree on the Prucha hit: Not a match penalty, but definitely should have been called. Refs need a thicker skin because that non-call and giving penalties for complaining?? Completely turned the tide of the game, although the Rangers were already on their way to a laugher.