Wednesday, February 20, 2008

2 Games For the Price of One

New York Rangers' Jaromir Jagr of the Czech Republic skates past a jubilant Montreal Canadiens' Cristobal Huet, of France, after Huet made the final shoot-out save to win against the New York Rangers during NHL hockey action on Tuesday, Feb 19, 2008 in Montreal

Words can not describe what just happened in Montreal last night. When the score went to 5-1, I thought ok we are fine no way Henrik is giving up 6 goals in one game. When the score went to 5-2 off the next draw, I knew this was going to be a battle. You just got the sense the Habs were not going to go away. Rangers got a much needed point but you can not lose this game, no way. I felt like someone punched me in the stomach when Kovalev scored to tie it. UNREAL!!!

Quick Notes:

Gordie Howe Hat Trick for Dubinsky- He said he would not take Komisarek’s shit and he stepped up and did not back down. On top of the fight he scores a goal and gets an assist. I will say it again we are watching a kid become a potential star in the NHL.

Reason # 1 Rangers lost this game was they decided to play a prevent defense in the third. Joe and Sam said 10 times in the first 5 minutes, great job just dump it in and make Canadians take it all the way up the ice. That is not what got the Rangers a 5-0 lead and it cost them the game. The Canadians have way to much speed and offense to just dump it and change, or dump it and just back out of the zone. I HATE PREVENT DEFENSE Hockey.

Jagr/Avery/Dubinsky- this is some line, it has all the pieces- Speed/Power and grit in Avery, Dubinsky youth/energy/skill and Jagr skill. Jagr is proving the last 2-3 games he is not done. He is not scoring, but he has set up some nice goals and is playing a great give and go game with his line mates. He is not carrying the puck for the entire shift like he used to, are we watching him re-invent his game?

Trade deadline- read an interesting article where they said Rangers should go get Bobby Holik for a discounted price (a pick or a low prospect) and move Drury to Gomez’s wing. I was ready to laugh my ass off, but if Holik is played at # 3 center he fits into a team. Rumors are, if he was not bought out, Holik was going to be named Renney’s captain his first year. Holik is not a # 1 center, but he brings a shut down center to this team and I would love to see a guy like him out there instead of the HBO line against teams # 1 lines. I love Drury on Gomez’s wing. These 2 play a very complimentary game and could be a Drury/Briere type combo that Buffalo had last year. All speculation but I love trade deadline time.

Player of the game (we did get a point no goat) - Brandon Dubinksy and Jaromir Jagr. These 2 have a great chemistry growing and I would love for Jagr to take a NY discount next year to stay and watch these 2 play an entire season together.

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