Thursday, February 21, 2008

Boyle/Rucinsky Broadway bound????

Love the NY Post for Hockey news, Larry Brooks all over this stuff:

The age scares me a little(32) and they need to re-sign him. If they do not re-sign him or plan to just rent him they better not give up much. The Rangers have a ton of prospects right now and the rumors are they will not give up a Type A prospect for him, but the Rangers have some of the best Type B prospects out there (Maloney did an unreal job getting this team set in the minors).

Also Boyle has a no trade and is already on record as saying he will waive it to come to NY.

Avery and Sather are talking extension after Girardi/Tyutin and Henrik were locked up.

Even better news John Davidson like Marik Malik and would trade Martin Ruckinsky back for him. Only snag is Rangers need a D man back prior to trading Malik. So Boyle/Ruckinsky would be a great get at deadline and they keep all there top prospects.

We will see.

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