Tuesday, February 5, 2008

What a Difference a Weekend Makes

The Rangers had a great Super Bowl Weekend. Victories over the Devils and Canadians (2 of the top teams in the conference) have put them in the 7 spot in the Conference with a little room between them and the 9 seed. The game vs. the Devils was playoff hockey in February, just a great game with battles all over the rink. It was not the fans’ banging on the glass it was all the hits that rattled the boards (from both teams). Canadians looked like a game you just chalk up to a bad night on a long road trip and instead the Rangers battle back again to win there 3rd straight (5 of 6 dating back to Thrashers sweep pre-all star break).

Player of the weekend
CHRIS DRURY by far has been the best Ranger of the last 3-4 games. He is scoring now in addition to killing penalties, winning draws, etc etc. This guy is unreal when the backs of his teams are against the wall. He is starting to fit in and it is perfect timing.

Rising- Rangers in the standings. Man you win a few games in the conference and you feel so much better. Rangers must not fall asleep now, Kings have actually played well last few games and there PP is solid. Rangers go back to 5 PK in the game they may lose.

HOT- Chris Drury- see above.

Falling- Shanan’s Health. I was working at FYE Saturday and this kid says to me, man Rangers looked great last 2 nights. My response was yes they do, but man did you see how old Shanahan is looking? Bobby said to me time to stop giving this guy all this ice time. We could all see it he is wearing down big time. Rangers have to sit him as long as they can, as they will need him for playoff push.

Cold- My hate for Renney. Read the post on Sunday and a great article about what Rangers are building right now. They talked about them sitting tight right now and not going after a Forsberg type. There patient has lead to Dubinsky becoming a legitimate #2 center, Staal a # 1 line type defenseman, Dawes a key role player 3rd line threat etc etc. He may just be the correct guy to lead this team.


I watched Channel 4’s coverage and I thought they were way over the top with ripping Jagr. I mean to iso him for 1 or 2 shifts and say there is no passion, is just shady journalism. Jagr may get under all of our skin, but he was getting hit all game and he kept driving to the net, was actually following through on hits and while he did not score, he played with passion. Mike Milbury just wants his name in the paper and he will do it anyway he can. Renney reacted in today’s Daily News and it was another great article.

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The Gallaghers said...

I happened to read that article and what a great analysis by Renney. He said many of the same things you have said. In the past, guys like Gretzky, Lemieux, Bossy, etc. would get more calls against them to "protect" them. The league has free reign on Jagr: poke, grab, hold, whatever it takes, you can do it and not get called. He is the least respected superstar (as far as the officals go) that I have ever seen.