Monday, February 11, 2008

Goalie Controversy Brewing!!!

New York Rangers goalie Steve Valiquette stops a puck against the Washington Capitals during the second period of a NHL hockey game, Sunday, Feb. 10, 2008, in Washington.

No way is Stephen Valiquette taking us to the Promised Land, he is a 30 plus year old backup for a reason. I just hope Henrik took some lessons from him over the last 2 games as 3 points out of 4 is not bad on the road. Valiquette made all the saves he was supposed to and then chipped a couple game savers that helped save the defense when they broke down. The problem with Henrik, over the last month, is he is not making those game changing saves (and recently has even been letting in one bad goal a game).

Quick Notes:

Jagr- I am at a loss with this guy right now. He is giving the effort he can just not score. This team will not get anywhere without Jagr stepping up. It is so frustrating to watch him either shoot wide or hit the goalie right in the chest. I am starting to think Bobby was more correct then Bryan when he said in the first month Jagr is done.

Ovechikin is a beast. I said it in an earlier post when they played the Caps that Ovechkin is the total package. I can now see why the Crosby/Ovechkin, Pen/Caps games will be fun to watch for the next 10 plus years. These 2 are a lot closer then people think. Only reason Crosby is propped up as the league savior is the language barrier. Ovechkin Canadian or American he would be a marketing dream come true.

OLD TIME HOCKEY- I know it was after a scary skate to the face on a linesmen so it lost a little luster, but how great was the Orr/Cote fight will all 10 players hooked up and Orr beating the shit out of Cote. I loved the picture of the gloves all over the place, the passion and a Ranger win. Just a fun game to watch old time hockey Flyers/Rangers it does not get much better.

Player of the Weekend- Nigel Dawes. He continues to impress. He scores, he hits, he is good in his own end. I think this Player of the Weekend is more a player of the last couple weeks award. Dawes, Dubinsky and Drury have been top Rangers last 2-3 weeks.

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