Friday, February 8, 2008


Another boring Ranger game where they dominate the territorial play at the start rack up a ton of shots on net (with no one in front to get rebounds or when they are they miss the puck), but they end up down 1-0 after one period. The Rangers are now winless in 9 games against the West and it is unreal how inconsistent this team. They go on a stretch where they score a ton, play great defense and shut everyone down to not being able to score and not being able to stop anyone else.

Quick Notes:

Ryan Callahan sighting!!!!!! Ryan was expected to be a key third line young player for the Rangers this year. Instead he could not score and is just not big enough to be a great defensive forward. I said last night I just hope he is a not quadruple A player. Meaning he is too good for AAA (minors) but not good enough for the majors, so he needs a new league AAAA. I know it is way too early to judge him, as this was supposed to be his first full season. Just something to think about at deadline time if a teams wants him.

THE KING NO MORE- Bobby and I spoke about it last night and it just seems to be true. The king is just not the same. All of those goals were not his fault, but he is just not the same this year. He is letting in so many deflating goals when Rangers are dominating. They are killing the Ducks all first period and end up down 1-0 at end of one period. Start dominating second and Callahan scores to tie it. Think to yourself OK her we go let’s get that second goal. Corey Perry comes down the right side takes a slap shot from upper face off circle (with no one in front as it was a 2 on 1) and Henrik lets it in. The team was completely deflated at that point and turned out to be turning point of the game. THIS CAN NOT HAPPEN, especially if playing a defensive system.

Rozie off the PP- I am so tired of it, put Staal on # 1 PP with Mara, Straka with Tyutin or Girardi. Renney wants to send a message to Rozie take his ice time away. He just does not want to shoot the puck. When he receives a pass he is not even looking at the net. He just takes the pass and is looking for the next pass. I am done watching the Gomez/Drury unit battle in front get some excitement going and shots to the net, then Jagr unit comes out and get one shot as they are all looking for the pretty perfect goal. Renney has to hit players where it hurts and start playing Gomez/drury unit 1:30 of PP and give other unit the scrapes, that does not wake them up, nothing will.

Goat of the Game

The turning point of the game was that Corey Perry goal. That 2-1 goal deflated the entire team and they did not play the same after that. Henrik gets my vote. The offense did not do much but that was the entire game right there!

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The Gallaghers said...

What a difference a couple of days makes. Yesterday, we were discussing the missing piece for this team to get over the hump. Today, after two straight bad losses, I think the Rangers should be sellers, not buyers, at the deadline. This is not a playoff miracle team. They lack focus and drive and, despite the recent Renney lovefest we have had on this site, this team looks unprepared every single night. If EVERYBODY sees the major problems on the power play, why can't he? Renney is this year's Roger Nielson: A likeable guy, a players coach with a team who just doesn't respond to the trust he has in them.