Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Becoming A Favorite Player

A great article in Daily News today. Dubinsky countinues to impress:

Some excerpts:

Helpless to do much about it since he and Jaromir Jagr weren't playing on the same line at the time, Brandon Dubinsky seethed from the bench as he watched Montreal defenseman Mike Komisarek spend shift after shift pounding on the Rangers' captain on Feb.3

"I'm definitely going to be physical on him - I'm not going to let him off the hook ever," Dubinsky said of Komisarek. "I can't say if anything's going to happen. But he's definitely going to be hearing it from me if he's taking any liberties or cheap shots. That's for sure."
This kid is earning major points and just shows how letting a kid develop is the answer sometimes instead of trading for that veteran. I wanted Peca at start of the year but thank god I am just writting and watching and not running the team. To early for a Dubinsky jersey?

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