Tuesday, January 15, 2008

2 good periods 1 bad one = another loss

I have no idea where to begin with this team. I guess since Big Blue are playing in the NFC Championship Game Sunday a football quote will work. In the almighty words of Bill Parcells “You are what your record says you are!” All I hear in press conferences and reports are players saying we have better talent then this, we are better then our records shows etc etc. Well I have to say I believed them for awhile but I do not anymore. This is a .500 team and will battle until the end to make the playoffs. If they do not make it, this will be ranked as one of the most disappointing seasons in Ranger history. Due to the expectations being so high (as Jim Mora said Playofffffssss, why are your talking playofffss) to not make the playoffs would be an absolute disaster. I mean all I heard all off-season was this is a Stanley Cup team.


Is Henrik done? I know you can always blame someone else for a goal but Henrik is not making the big save anymore. He is the sole reason this team will go anywhere and since he started struggling so has the team. I really expected (especially after the quick start) a Roberto Luongo type year out of him and it is just not happening. I know his dad is sick and an extension is being negotiated, is that the reason??????

This is a 40 minute team. They play a hard, team game for 2 periods (which periods depends on the night). At the start of the season and when they were winning Henrik was able to withstand the bad period they played. So in essence it seems like if Henrik can stand on his head the period the Rangers take off they will win. That is not a formula for winning hockey

Penalties- When will the players be held responsible for there actions. This team reeks of the Bobby Holik, Messier days when all the high priced players could do what they want and not get benched. I mean if Jagr is not showing grit out there or takes 2 bad penalties in a row SIT HIM DOWN. I mean they just take way to many hooking penalties which means to me they are a lazy team, taking lazy penalties.

Renney does at least one thing a game that just baffles me. Second period Rangers are dominating play, I think the shots were 16-2 and they were all over the Pens. 25 seconds left on the PP and a face-off in the Pens zone, score 3-0. I am thinking okay lets win this draw get a quick PP goal and get back in this game. Out comes the HBO LINE….WHAT IS GOING ON. Are you telling the team okay this PP is over lets get back to defensive hockey. If Drury gets out there wins the draw you can easily score within 25 seconds or score right after the PP expires. Tie game or up by a goal or more, fine get Betts and them out there but you are DOWN 3-0.

Heart- what does that mean to a team, well it is your best player diving for a puck to try and get it to the middle, then getting upended by your teammate trying to get to the puck behind the net as your entire goal is to win a loose puck to score that big 4th goal. That is what Sidney Crosby did in the 3rd last night and if that is not a team leader I have no idea what is. I know Jagr is older but he is the Rangers best player and if he is not skating and going 100% other players feed off that.

Goat of the game

STUPID Penalties. One thing that Montreal win masked was the Rangers took 8, count them 8 penalties. You just can not win in this league taking this many lazy and dumb penalties. The Pen game was no different and they got burned.

Column to ponder trade Jagr??????? see link below:

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The Gallaghers said...

I think if you can get something for Jagr, you do it. He has been moping and drifting all season and did not have a great year last year. I'm thinking he is either done or not happy any more. In either case, he is hurting the team and does not deserve to wear the "C". Believe it or not, this comes from a Jagr fan!!!