Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Hot- Ranger fans tempers.

This has been my worst season ever as a Ranger fan. I can not say it enough, I really thought this team was put together well and would compete every night. I never thought effort and heart would be a problem. This team has followed it’s leader and seem to all play with the same laid back style of Jagr.

Can anyone really be put in the hot column right now? The one player I really think has played well and brought something to the table is Paul Mara and reports are he is being benched tonight for Marik Malik. The every changing world of Tom Renney continues to baffle me.

Cold- Rangers Team Psyche----- Shanny said it best after the last Rangers game Sunday:
"We're playing as bad as since I've been here," Shanahan said. "From the first day, we haven't developed any consistent chemistry. "We don't work hard enough. We don't think well enough. We make the same mistakes. You don't have to be Scotty Bowman to figure out what's wrong
I mean don’t work hard enough, that to me is a direct refection of the coach and motivation of players. This is getting hard to watch.

Rising- Penalties- if everyone can see that they take way to many penalties how can they not see it, or choose not to correct it in some way. Yes there have been some ticy-tac calls and I think the refs have been awful the last few games, the Rangers are putting themselves in the position to have those calls made. Just terrible…

Falling- Confidence in the King. I do not care what anyone says he looks lost out there one minute and the King we all know the next. That goal against Boston Short-handed was possibly the worst goal of the season. I mean a 2 on 1 wrist shot from the top of the face off circle can not, I REPEAT CAN NOT go in.

LINEUP SHUFFLE (thanks Bob for article). Rumors are there will be a lineup shuffle tonight:

Avery-Gomez-Jagr I like it Avery can bring some needed spark to the top line). Dawes-Dubinksy-Shanny- no idea why kid line broke up, only line playing well not together? Straka-Drury-Prucha- I do not hate this line but Pruca should be with kid line. HBO Line- odds are they start the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enough already RENNEY!!!!!!!!!

Channel 4 and Mike Milbury spent all day Sunday ripping Jagr for his need to have Nylander with him and the total lack of a spark he has had all season. Milbury flat out called him out and even said it is time to let him go and give this team to Drury and Gomez. I hate Milbury but I tend to agree with him. Drury and Gomez need to feel like they can lead this team, with Jagr here they can not. I really do not know if trading will improve the record this year but they will get nothing for him next year.

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