Monday, January 14, 2008

Hot/Cold and Rising/Falling

Hot/Cold and Rising/Falling

I will have a new column every Monday AM. When you get in each Monday log on to the Ranger Blueshirts Review to check on who is hot, who is cold, who is rising, and who is falling. What a way to start the week, add your 2 cents all opinions are welcome.


Brandon Dubinsky- ever since he dropped to 3rd line Center and not having the pressure of centering the top line, his production and overall on- ice presence has improved. The numbers are starting to come in addition to his overall game.


Henrik Lundqvist- He did have a solid game vs. Montreal but there is no denying Henrik has been a court jester and not the king the last couple weeks. We will see if the Saturday game was a building block or just an aberration.

Paul Mara- A point man on the PP that shoots the puck: what an unbelievable concept. Looks like Tom Renney has told Mara get out there and use that cannon on the point. It is a welcome site to see the PP get more then 1-2 shots every 2 minutes. Drury is setting up shop in front and Mara blasting away will hopefully lead to more and more goals.

Marik Malik- He played well vs. Montreal, but no arguing he was the # 2 defenseman on the top line, start of year and is now a # 6 D-man and usually # 7 D-man on the bench. This one may turn around quickly as I think Renney is going to give him a shot over Strucwick over the next 2weeks. He can play the way his did against Montreal he may replace Mara in the Rising column real quick.

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The Gallaghers said...

Falling: Tom Renney. Seems to be overmatched by a veteran, high-paid lineup. Other than Malik, who does he ever punish???

Last night, down 3-0, the Rangers had a power play and fell into their beautiful passing, don't dare shoot, ice show. No reason to try to pepper the goalie down 3-0, is there??

Very frustrating team!