Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Houston We Have A Problem

I think the Rangers finally showed the desperation/desire they need to show, to win more games. To bad they only showed it for one period. As bad as this loss was and as bad as they played in first 2 periods, that 3rd period was some of the best hockey of the season.

Caulk up another loss and this tailspin has no end in site. With all the injuries piling up and now Avery quoted as saying he is done, I am thinking this season could be a wash. There are rumors he fractured the same bone in his left hand, that he needed surgery for in his right hand. Avery did say he meant he was done for now and not for the season, but that loss coupled with Straka being out, this team is in crisis mode.


Tom Renney has officially lost it. I am all for matching up in a game but, John Toretella is known for playing his top line a ton and instead of ignoring it and playing your game, Renney plays Orr/Holloweg/Betts the most minutes in the first period. There was no flow to the game for the top line and they just played defensive the entire first half of the game. I really think the only reason he is not fired is, who would you bring in at this point (Sather????). I mean they are still in the mix and the players seem to still support there staff, but his love for 3rd line/4th line types is just stupid at this point. Last night was a prime night to tell Drury/Jagr/Gomez we are putting you together and you will play almost half the game. Time to earn the checks and carry your team to a victory, instead they play less then our worst line!!!!!!!!.

“Drama” King????? Hey Henrik deflections happen, he shows up his defenseman all the time when they deflect a puck. Should Tyutin have let that puck go, yes, but the king looking at him in disgust, slamming his stick is a little much. Fedor has been there for you a couple times Henrik, no need to act like a baby when he makes a mistake.

Okay I will be ripped by all for this, but can the King save a deflection? I know there were some hard saves, but 1 maybe 2 of those 4 he could not adjust and get a piece of the puck?? I am starting to get concerned something is wrong with the king right now. He just does not look right, it seems like any team should just put the puck on the net and tip it in some way and it will go in.

Jagr/Gomez/Drury line---Must say they were impressive as there bank accounts. They dominated play once they got in the flow. I love Shanny but time to put a # 1 PP unit together of those 3 players with Mara (unreal passes last night) and Rozie. First time that PP unit was together in a long time and they looked like they were together forever.


Time for some help from the comments to assist me, I feel like putting Henrik, but that may be to harsh. I feel like putting Renney, but is that an escape for how bad the players were in the first 2 periods. Help me out tell me what I did not see, who was the reason they lost or was it just a team effort?

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The Gallaghers said...

Funnty, I had King as my goat last night, too. Sure, goals can be explained away by deflections and some crisp passing, but King needs to make some saves he's not supposed to make. Supposedly, his dad is sick and it may be getting in to his head. Time for a veteran backup to play some games or Montoya "platoon" to push King a little? Maybe. Agree on Renney. Perhaps he should be the Devils coach. They get him talent and he does not know what to do with it. Cullen had to go back to Carolina, now Drury and Gomez are not being used properly (although Gomer has overcome that). Starting to remind me of Colin Campbell too much. This team is a disappointment and ithey are running out of time to turn this around.