Monday, January 28, 2008

BORE FEST/2nd Half Notes

No idea if anyone tortured themselves and actually watched the Skills Competition on Saturday. I DVR’d it and was happy I did, so I could fast forward all the boredom that ensued. Wow, the NHL really has no clue what it is doing and the Atlanta fans were just awful or as bored as I was. All the time it took to set it all up and get it going is just not worth it. The only 2 moments I actually went wow or adjusted my seat was the 3 on 3 young stars game and the fastest shot competition. 3 on 3 young stars had 2 Rangers and both did well, Marc Staal had a sick shot on a breakaway top corner and Dubinsky flashed some quick passes and 2 nice goals. Dubi was even named MVP of the game, I tell you what this kid is impressing me more and more. When Chara blasted a 103 plus mile an hour shot on the last shot it was very impressive. Otherwise the festivities were a complete waste. I did not even watch the All-star game the skills competition bored me so much.

The NHL also tried a slam dunk type competition where there are no rules on a breakaway the guy can skate backwards, juggle the puck with his stick, go around the net 10 times, WHATEVER he wanted to do. Garbonik and Ovechkin must have been the only 2 that got the memo. Something that seemed like a cool premises was just awful. The players were just going on shootouts and trying to score and getting no points for it. Then a guy tried to do some things (Martin St Louis) and Nabokov the goalie came all the way out and poked check the puck away from him!!!!!! What the FUCK NABOKOV this was a display for the offensive guys to try sick moves and you take the puck away when they try it…awful end to an awful night.

VS. is the absolute worst network and it is time to go back to ESPN for free, say what you want about ESPN they know how to do the kind of stuff the NHL needs.


Well it is time to get back to business and to see if what some have been saying (Bryan and Bobby) is true. Will Jagr turn it around as he was saving himself for a run in the second half and the playoffs.

My Five questions and answers for the second half:

1- Will Jagr turn it on and carry this team?

Yes- He has shown signs last 2-3 weeks of coming around and is getting back to the 1.5 point per game pace (last 18 games 24 points). I love Avery with him and I think that line will prosper the second half.

2- Which Henrik will show up the one from the first month or the one that struggled near the end of the All-star break?

I think it will be something in between, which should be good enough. I do not think you can expect a .950 save % and 1.50 GAA from first month, but he will be better then the 3.00GAA and barely .900 save%. He will be somewhere in between but more consistent. We need him to be hot going into the playoffs to have any shot.

3- Will Tom Renney loosen the reigns and let the top lines carry this team?

Not a chance and it will be his downfall, no matter what we say or how fans, media feel about him, Tom Renney loves 3rd and 4th line type players. He will continue to lean on HBO line and make Ranger fans crazy. Tom Renney will be the scapegoat (and rightfully so) if this team does not do well in or get to the postseason.

4- Will Gomez and Drury be the top centers we signed and hoped for?

Gomez has been a top center all year and he has produced what is expected of him. It is time for the fun-loving good interview Gomez to go away and for him to turn the fire on more and get this team to the playoffs. Drury, I am scared of the 2 he will not earn his money this year. Is that Renney’s fault or Drury’s, I think a combo of both. Do not get me wrong I love Drury, but you do not pay a guy 7 million per to be a tough 2 way player, he has to start scoring and producing offensively. I think Renney has handcuffed him as Drury is the type that will do what the coach’s ask and Renney wants him to be a 2 way player with defense being first. My prediction is Drury will keep doing what he is doing and I think Gomez will step it up even more.

5- Will the Rangers make an impact this year in playoffs?

I think they will get to the dance but how far they do depends on where they are seeded. Play Penguins or Ottwa first round there is zero chance they win a round. Any other team they play they can beat in a series. My predication 7th seed Pens first round- out in 6. Overall I am predicting a disappointing season and all hell will break loose this off-season.

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The Gallaghers said...

Full disclosure: Bryan is the one who saig Jagr would turn it up in the second half. I was the one who said he is "done". I am hoping Bryan is right.