Friday, January 25, 2008

Leetch Night Capped Off With A Victory.

A great ceremony and a great announcement (much props to Bryan for predicting it, right when he said he had an announcement Bryan said Graves is going up to the Rafters) by Brian Leetch. Tie Domi riding in on the handlebars was great moment and overall another classy night by the Garden. The game, what is there to say, The Rangers slept walked through the first 2 periods, played a great 3rd to tie it up and won in a shootout. I can not complain the game was boring (it was), as I will always take a boring win over an exciting loss.

Adam Graves’s announcement is just another way to show how Brian Leetch had absolutely no ego and was the best teammate around. I mean this was his night, should have been all about what he did for the Rangers and he lets Graves still some thunder, class move all the way.

Love the not so subtle knock of Glen Sather last night, he thanked every big wig including Neil Smith for his Ranger career and never mentioned Sather. Then his last part of speech he says “I came back to the garden only one time and sat on that visitor’s bench and you guys (the crowd) made me feel right at home.” Leetch is a good guy, but he knows Sather treated him like garbage and that was his way of letting him know he will never forget what was done to him.

Quick Notes:

Messier, I love you and you will always have a special place in my sports heart, but enough with the tears. You retire, you cry, your number retired, you cry, you get into hall, you cry, but you talking about Brian Leetch YOU DO NOT CRY…….THAT IS MAN LAW 1.2C enough already. Sorry had to get that out of the way.

Tie Domi- I have a friend that works the penalty box/score box etc at every Ranger home game and he said to me Tie Domi was the nicest down to earth Ranger there ever was. He used to take all the NHL guys out after weekend games and get them drinks etc. etc. They actually became pretty good friends. Once Domi got traded he would circle the date the Maple Leafs came to town as Domi would always take the blue collar guys out for a few drinks. Well Domi made it back last night at it was good to see, he should have been given a chance by the Rangers as he turned himself into a damn good player once he left NY and was given ice time. We missed the best times Domi had as a hockey player. Never forget the fight with Probert when he made the mock title belt sign, Classic Domi.


Dubinsky/Dawes yet again are the best 2 forwards all night. It is every night Dubinsky does something or makes a move and I go Holy Shit this kid is fast, or this kid can carry the puck or deek anyone. Last night the only time you shifted your seat and anticipated something would happen was then these 2 were on the ice.

Just an overall boring game where Rangers and Atlanta just wanted to dump and chase and keep pucks deep on each other, it looked like neither team wanted to make a mistake and puck went from behind one net and then out of zone and behind the other net. Oh well they needed 2 points and got them, I will take it any day.

Star of the game

Have to give it to Dubinsky, Dawes made the last pass, but overall Dubinsky was the best player on the ice for the Rangers. Time to move Drury to a wing and let Dubinsky by # 2 Center…….just a thought- trade Malik for a # 3 type center and get Drury on the wing with Gomez/jagr…..hmmmmmmmmmm, nah Renney would get a # 3 center and play him point on the PP, play him 25 minutes a game and see what he can do with Jagr. Sorry can not do a post without ripping Renney.

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