Thursday, January 17, 2008

Boring? Maybe, But 2 Points is More Gooder

All I read at the start of the season was how boring the Rangers are this year and they just win 1-0 and 2-1 games. Well the key word in that sentence is WIN……I will take a somewhat boring 2-1 win over an "exciting" 5-4 loss any day. I am a Yankee fan and they get plenty of “exiciting” 10-6 wins and 10-6 losses but the playoffs come and they get no boring 2-0 wins. Defensive commitment will bring this Ranger team to the Promised Land, that is how they are built and that is all there is to it.

We can say all we want with all this talent they should be an offensive juggernaut. Well we are over 40 games into the season and I must say they are not. They have 2-3 really gifted forwards (Jagr, Drury, Gomez) and 1 with an unreal shot (Shannahan), the rest bring something to the table that helps a team win, but are not offensive wizards. Jagr has just not got on track this season and now with feet problems he may never. I am not getting overly excited. As I said the next 2 games are key, lets get 3 out of 4 points and then start to get excited.


Avery- what can you say the guy does something every game to get the crowd going, or his teammates. He is just an unreal intangible filled player, that when he is out there can also play the game. I mean take the puck up ice, dump it in and then proceed to knock down both players that are going for the puck. Rangers did not score but the crowd was fired up and could tell Rangers picked up there game after that.

Mara, what else can be said except , he is starting show why he was signed for 3 million 2 years ago. He has an absolute cannon from the point and when he shots the puck and is played at the point on the Power Play he is a very valuable d-man.

Renney- Wow a post with Renney in it, who would have thunk it. Well I was watching all night when the Rangers got 20 seconds left in the PP and face off what he would do. Both times he put out the # 1 PP line and both times the Rangers won the draw and got action on net and came close to scoring. What a concept still have a PP you put out your best for the entire 2 minutes!!!!!

Betts- Slowly becoming one of my favorite players to watch. The writer’s final got it right and nominated his as a # 3 star (even though he did not register a point). He does everything the team asks and is a human dart board on the PK with shots hitting him everywhere.

3 stars of the game- I always stick around MSG telecast to see who got the 3 stars. Last night:
Betts # 3 star, Dubinsky # 2 star, Prucha # 1 star. That is right no Jagr, no Gomez, no Drury, No Henrik. I think this is actually a good thing. The stars did not shine but the Rangers still win. Are they becoming a team??????

RELAX LINDY RUFF- He is in the paper as saying hit by Shannahan was dirty and should be a suspension. Come on Shanny admitted and agreed it was a hard play and he should have been in the box, but a suspension. That happens on the side of the net he would have not even been shaken up. The fact that he hit the net after was the reason he was hurt. Lindy Ruff is a baby, come on Shanny is not a dirty player and wanted to make sure no loose puck was going to hit in so he crosschecked the guy. Penatly should have been called but leave it at that.

Player of the Game

DDP LINE- I am getting very excited about this line. They play with speed and recklessness, but in a good way. They are flying all over the place right now and picking up the veterans. There forecheck is dominating, they just need to worry about not being to careless and letting odd man rushes the other way. Renney needs to give them a little rope though and let them stick for awhile even if they struggle a game or two.

Pre-game video worked so look out for another one later in the week!!!!!!!!!

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