Sunday, January 13, 2008

Total Team Effort= 2 points

Well, all was right in Ranger land for one night at least. This was a total and complete team effort with 3 of 4 lines getting in on the scoring and the third line actually leading the way. The DDP (dawes/dubinsky/prucha) line set the tone the entire night. They fore-checked hard and were in the offensive zone all night, they were rewarded with 2 goals. Overall a great game and hopefully we will look back in a month and thinks this was a turnaround game for the Blue shirts.


I was always a big fan of teams that put together a kid line and most cup winning teams have a high energy, hard skating kid line. Will the DDP line be that line for us? I hope so, the Rangers need contributions from the top 3 lines and this will wear teams down. Dubinsky has really impressed over the last month with some real nice moves and overall game.

I must say I could watch Alexi Kovalev on the PP all night. No matter what you say about his effort, he has the smoothest skating moves and can play with a puck like no other. Watching him as a Ranger was maddening because you know the talent he has and he really never put it all together. He was unreal in the cup run but never shined as a Ranger like he could. Montreal has pushed the right buttons and he is finally tapping that great potential.

Player of the Game

Nigel Dawes was the key to the third line production. His pass was great and then to do the no look shot to get the goalie to open the legs was unreal. I really think this line will be productive and exactly what the Rangers need.

We will see how important this win was if the Rangers can build on it or will they revert back to win 1 lose 1 hockey. Stay tuned.........

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