Friday, January 11, 2008


This will be the shortest post of the year.


Henrik- SUCKS
Rozie- SUCKS
Hollweg- Congrats but you still SUCK
all other names here- SUCK

The only soliace is a quote from a friend of mine when the Yankees sucked at start of last season

Mark Grossman- "You are not as good as you look, when you are winning, and you are not as bad as you look, when you are losing, they will turn it around".

He said it about the Yankees but I am praying it applies here.

FUCK!!!!!!!!!!! that is all I can say right now. The first time in the year they put me in a really bad mood. FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Freddyhamptons said...

You have to be fucking kidding me with that game last nite..I was settled in my couch drinking a cold one and we get 2 quick goals..I said they look good 2nite..and then it happened...what a fuckin collapse...I am so tired of this sub-par heart whatsoever...Makes me sick..Can't wait for baseball to start..Rangers suck...I don't see the playoffs in our future..I am so sick of thinking we signed some good palyers and this was "OUR" year...another pathetic display of hockey...start with firing RENNEY!!

The Gallaghers said...

The wheels have come off the wagon, no doubt about it. It's over, Johnny. No, this team is not this bad, they couldn't be, but they really are not much better than they look. This is no deadline trade team. They need a whole new mindset. You think Rangers fans would know by now that it is not who you sign in the offseason, but we never learn. The team has no cohesive mix at all.