Thursday, January 24, 2008

Leetch Greatest Ranger Ever???

He was at the least the greatest Ranger in my lifetime and could arguably be called the greatest Ranger ever.

He was the first player I ever got a jersey for. I was going to wear it tonight but I put it on and the Large from Junior High just did not cut it. It looked like big guy in a little coat.

I received as a B-day gift this year the 1994 Stanley Cup DVD box set. Unreal is all I can say about the way Leetch carried this team. Yes Messier slayed the dragon and put himself out there, which was a big reason Leetch could just play his game, but Leetch was the Key to that team. Leetch did not like the media attention. His ideal day was AM skate, play and win that night, and maybe a dinner and home. He was not the Derek Jeter date supermodel guys. He just wanted to play the game hard and go home. In 1994 Leetch was like an extra forward on the ice, he would carry the puck in get an offensive chance started and then be the first one back to break up the play.

He was my favorite Ranger of all time and even during the tough years, he was the reason to keep watching the game. Enjoy the video below and remeber the good times Leetchie gave us for his long and great Ranger Career; hey you think he can play the point still:
PS- I could not find any video tributes of leetch on except stupid pictures with music. This was only one that was somewhat good. Wish there was better quality but this was all I could find.

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