Monday, January 7, 2008


We signed Chris Drury for moments just like this. The guy just knows how to score and how to get the job done in moments the team needs it. That will be a highlight play for the rest of the season. I mean to block the puck like a goalie and then from one knee put the puck in the back of the net is hard enough, but to do it with less then 10 seconds left, down one is just sick. I am officially selling Captain Clutch T-shirts so if you want one shoot me an email. Okay that is a joke, please do not email me unless it has something to do with the girl next store and how dirty…..okay back to hockey:

Quick Notes:

There are things Ranger fans are known for, Booing Malik, doing the stupid Potvin sucks whistle when we are playing Vancouver in Game 7, and yelling shoot, anytime someone gets the puck in the offensive zone. I kind of pride myself on actually supporting Malik, rolling my eyes when I hear the Potvin sucks whistle and not getting too crazy with yelling shoot at my TV all night.

Well it was after midnight, my Ellios late night Pizza was gone, so I really must have lost it. I am asking my dog to yell Potvin sucks with me, I am booing Malik even though he was in the Press Box and that last minute I was screaming shoooooottttttttt the f’ng puck you Czech Republic bastard (yes it was Jagr). Then the light shined through Edmonton’s Roof (no I do not know the name of the arena, I am a hockey die-hard, not a geek) and Jagr found Drury with one of the best pass, shot combinations I have seen in a long time. I tried to enjoy OT and then the shoot-out with a hopeful NYR win, but we could only steal one point.

I am so confused with this team and how they are playing right now. I just get more frustrated then enjoyment out of them on this trip. I mean 1 point when one of the games is vs. Edmonton is just awful. They were in every game but something happened to just cost them a point or the game.

The refs, man how awful were they all night. I mean I hate Hollweg, but he did not deserve a major as he did realize he was about to hit the guy and he let up. Did he deserve 2 minutes, yes, but come on refs do not decide the game. Then on top of that, they call Straka for putting his hand on some one. 5 on 3 with Souray and Stoll on the point might as well put the puck in for them. Souray/Stoll did score the goal, but the Rangers had to have 2 guys up at the point and Oilers abused M Stall down low.

Much props to Shanny, he showed the kids and all hockey fans what being a hockey player is all about. He got hit knee on knee, while he was not able to play much he tried and sat on the bench the rest of the night trying to contribute.


Chris Drury- Man this guy just finds the right place to be at the right time. God if he was only not a Sabre last year we may have won Game 5 and moved on in Game 6 to next round. It is unreal that he was the man, again, to produce with less then 10 seconds less, so glad he will be on our side this year.

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